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Business In Waller

If you are a business owner in Waller or considering opening a business, this page will provide you with some of the information you may need. The Waller Chamber of Commerce and the Waller Economic Development Corporation are eager to help businesses succeed in Waller, as this contributes to a healthy economy and a better life for all its citizens.

Waller Chamber of Commerce

Waller Economic Development Corporation

The City of Waller created the Waller Economic Development Corporation (WEDC) as a 4A development corporation by vote of the citizens of Waller in 1999. The five board members are appointed by City Council and serve three-year terms. As a TypeA/4A corporation under the Texas Development Corporation Act of 1979, the WEDC is authorized to expend public funds to promote the retention and attraction of companies who produce or distribute products which are marketed regionally, nationally, or internationally.

Board Members and Officers

President: Chuck Scianna
Secretary: Cheryl Liere
Treasurer: Royce Rape
Board Member: Bill Fendley
Board Member: Anthony Edmonds

Contact Information

John Isom, Director
P.O. Box 888 1110 Farr Street
Waller, Texas 77484
Phone: 936-931-5151

To learn more, visit the Waller Economic Development website:

Code of City Ordinances

International Existing Building Code - Ord 374
Set Back Ordinance - Ord 413
Minimum Lot Sizes - Ord 424
Manufactured Homes - Ord 353
Amendment to Manufactured Home - Ord 375
Amendment to Manufactured Home - Ord 378
Junk Vehicles - Ord 396
Peddling & Door to Door Solicitation - Ord 380

Permits and Inspections
Public Works