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Waller Public Works

Public Works will begin trimming trees next week in the mornings. Estimated completion date is at the end of July.


Gene Schmidt

Director of Public Works








Markus Benoit
Assistant Director of Public Works

The City of Waller Public Works Department utilizes efforts to safeguard the health, safety, and welfare of the citizens of Waller.  This is accomplished by monitoring construction related activities, utilizing engineers for streets, drainage and development of the infrastructure including water, sewer, and gas, and providing plans for the future of Waller’s growth.  This department is also responsible for the City’s Animal Services.

Waller has three elevated storage tanks, which hold 450 thousand gallons of water and two ground storage tanks which hold 650,000 gallons of water running at 1100 gallons per minute, from 40 to 55 psi. The city is able to provide over 1100 thousand gallons of storage per day, which amounts to 150 gallons per person per day, while running at only 50% capacity, allowing for future growth in the city.

Citizens wanting to report street lights or traffic signs needing repairs, in need of assistance with their garbage collection, water, sewer, or gas services should contact the Public Works Department, Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, at 936-372-3880 ext. 120.

In an emergency situation, the Public Works staff can be reached at 832-768-0203.
Visit our Utility Services (link to Departments > Utility Services) page to establish service and to find contact information to discuss billing for existing accounts.


Capacity (MGPD) 1.4
Peak Load (MGPD) 0.4
Drinking Water Quality Report


Type: Sanitary
Capacity (MPGD) 0.9
Peak Load (MGPD) 0.3

Natural Gas

Supplied by the City of Waller

Please contact City Hall at 936-372-3880 with questions or for locations of city utility services of water, sewer, and gas.

Digging / Excavating

Dial 811, state wide.  48 hours’ notice is required for any excavation request.

Flood Zone Assessment

The City of Waller provides a free flood zone assessment for your property, giving you information on whether your property is in a flood zone or flood way.  Contact City Hall at 936-372-3880 for more information.

Waller County Flood maps
Harris County Flood map
City of Waller Comprehensive Plan


Recycling services are free to all City of Waller residents, year-round.  (Proof of residency within the City limits must be provided.) Recycling is single stream (no need to separate); however all containers must be emptied and rinsed clean.

The Recycling Center for the City of Waller is located at:
102 Walnut St. (Sewer Plant)
Tel: 936-372-3880

Hours of operation:
Please call 936-372-3880

Recyclable materials: