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Mailing Address and Phone Numbers

Physical Address:
1218 Farr Street
Waller, TX 77484

Mailing Address:       
P.O. Box 239
Waller, TX  77484

Phone: 936-372-3880
Fax:     936-372-3477
Emergency number: 832-768-0203
After hours utility emergencies: 832-768-0203
Emergency lines to be used for emergencies only.
Utility Billing Email:
Hours:   Mon-Fri, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

City Administration

City Secretary: Cynthia Ward, TRMC, CMC, CPM
Police Captain: Michael Lopez
Director of Public Works: Gene Schmidt


Texas general law with Mayor-Council
Zoning: No
Land Use Plan under study

Public Safety

Police: 936-372-2525 
Waller Volunteer Fire Department: 936-372-9512


Water: City of Waller
Capacity: (MGPD) 1.4
Peak Load: (MGPD) 0.4

Sewer: City of Waller
Type: Sanitary
Capacity: (MGPD) 0.9
Peak Load: (MGPD) 0.3

Natural Gas: City of Waller


Main number: 936-372-3880
Animal services: 936-372-3880
Building inspections: 936-372-3880 ext. 116
City Secretary Cynthia Ward: 936-372-3880 ext. 125
City Council (City Secretary): 936-372-3880
Customer/utility services: 936-372-3880 ext. 114 or ext. 117
Emergency management: 936-372-2525
Finance: 936-372-3880 ext. 115
Fire: 936-372-9512
Human resources: 936-372-3880
Melanee Smith Memorial Library: 936-372-3961
Municipal court: 936-372-5614 or 936-372-3880 ext. 229
Police (non-emergency): 936-372-2525
Water emergencies (during business hours): 936-372-3880
Water emergencies (after hours): 832-768-0203
Gas emergencies (after hours): 832-768-0203